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Pool Table Movers

Do you need to move or service a pool table?

  • Professional and experienced services by Bakersfield Pool Table Movers
  • Guaranteed by a national organization

We are the only organization in the industry that offers seven days per week of support for our customers with the most technologically advanced systems in use today; call our professionals to get a price to move your pool table or if you only have general questions.  

In addition to billiard tables, we also offer shuffleboard movers!

Your satisfaction has made us the industry’s largest and most professional company.

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Guaranteed Pool Table Movers

bakersfield pool table movers

Moving your pool table with SOLO® Bakersfield Pool Table Movers in California includes professional tear down, transportation with expert leveling, and installation of the existing pool table cloth. We handle everything from start to finish. 

We also cover surrounding areas: Lamont, Tulare, Ventura, Lancaster, Palmdale, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Oxnard, Hanford, Visalia, San Luis Obispo, Arvin, Shafter, Wasco, Taft, Delano, Tehachapi, Porterville, Lindsay, Corcoran, Tulare, Exeter, Farmersville, Fillmore, Kern, Kayandee, Landco, Jastro, Seguro, Oildale, Kern City, Maltha, Fruitvale, and several other areas.

SOLO® Bakersfield Pool Table Movers can refelt your pool table as well as new material if you want additional costs. Guaranteed satisfaction and leveling on applicable pool tables. We can move pool tables from house to house and service local businesses.

Pool Table Moving

We move pool tables in homes, businesses, and even garages!  We handle every aspect of your pool table moves

Pool Table Repairs

Have a little problem with your pool table? We have you covered, from pocket repair and replacement to dead rubber on the rails.

New Cloth / Pool Table Refelting

We offer new cloth during a move and just a refelt without moving, providing a high-quality pool table refelting service by professional technicians in California.

Billiard Moves to Storage

Many general movers will not disassemble your pool table, which can lead to damage or injury. We will break down your table or move it from storage facilities, your garage, or another room in the house.  If you need carpet laid, do not try to move your pool table!  Let us handle that 800-pound monster for you.  Taking the table out of storage?  We can professionally install the pool table for you.

The only national organization in our industry backs Bakersfield Pool Table Movers.

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bakersfield pool table installers

Pool table moving with SOLO® movers in the Bakersfield, California area includes professional tear down, transport, and pool table setup with expert leveling.

We use your existing cloth if it is in good condition: guaranteed satisfaction and leveling on applicable pool tables.

We can move pool tables from residence to residence and for businesses also.  We are well-trained in our area of expertise.

Bakersfield Pool Table Movers pool table service guarantee

Members of the ABIA, the only company in Bakersfield, California, to offer you an exclusive 1-year service guarantee IN WRITING  and issued by the American Billiard Installers Association.

Pool Table Installers

SOLO® Bakersfield Pool Table Movers installs new and used pool tables all over the Bakersfield area.  We come to your home, uncrate as necessary, cover rails, and professionally level all three slates using precise leveling equipment.

Make sure you tell us in advance if you want to refelt your pool table in new cloth; when the pool table is torn down is the best time to add new material.

Guaranteed Pool Table Installers Service

What are your choices when you have a lovely billiard table to move?  Our history as a family-owned business in the billiard moving and assembly industry spans over 40 years.

We work with pool table installers in many areas and have been exposed to the standard practices in the pool table service business at levels that no other company could understand.

SOLO® is the largest pool table service company in North America, and our mission has been to give the client the best and most honest service possible.

We are the only company offering a written 1-year service guarantee that covers everything that the other guys that charge minimal fees to get your money can offer.

Traditionally in the country, pool table installers are a one or two-man service with no customer support, client guarantees, or even legal businesses.  Our team can fill those weaknesses with an entire team of customer support personnel that will always be there, even when you can’t find the installer.

We have taken the business to a higher level, and our mission holds today as it did a decade ago.  Improving the client experience in the billiard industry is our primary cause.

Pool table installers img

For the client who bought a cheap billiard table on Craigslist and thought they could have a couple of their friends move it to their garage, we probably aren’t the right choice.

They are better off calling one of the cheap installers that operate out of their home.  If the entire job is about saving money and getting the cheapest guy to do the work, that’s what you can expect from your pool table installation service.

You can’t expect good service with client follow-up, customer support, and an accurate service guarantee on their work when they aren’t charging enough to even do the job correctly in the first place.

Everyone says they guarantee their work, but in our many decades of experience working with pool table installers, we have found that this guarantee that they offer will generally expire after they get your commitment on the job, in other words, as soon as you hang up the phone after giving them your schedule and address.  We see this happen too many times every day in the industry.

For the client who has purchased an expensive table, no matter how much they have paid for it, and they want a pool table installer who can do the job without problems,  late or canceled appointments, pool table, and work is of high quality when they are finished. Their time is too valuable to deal with problems for weeks after the appointment is supposed to be completed.

We are the only natural choice.  Our company is registered as a legal business, and our service guarantee is written and backed by the ABIA and obligates us to resolve issues should any arise.  You will have a risk-free experience working with our pool table installers.

So what are your choices for pool table installers?

Refelting the pool table

American Billiard Installers Association / Bakersfield Pool Table Movers

Our customers can choose from over 30 different colors of pool table felt. We use the industry’s highest-quality pool tablecloth at this time.

Our professional pool table installers also work with standard woolen pool table cloth and tournament-grade worsted materials.